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I always been a fan of since Gary introduced it to me about 2 years ago. The other day, Glenn Fleishman (the creator of the site) made a neat upgrade:

“I’ve long thought about adding a feature that would allow people to sign up for notifications about when a book price changed or became available at a given bookstore. Perhaps you were waiting for a used copy of the book, or wanted a book to drop below a certain price. I may still offer email notification, but it struck me that I could immediately provide an RSS 2.0 feed with very very little effort.”

“The pattern, by the way is For instance, to monitor my book Take Control of Your AirPort Network, you would type the URL into a news aggregator or even (in intelligent aggregators) just which would allow the aggregator to find the XML-based RSS feed on its own.”

I’ve subscribed to the feed for my book to test the system. Great idea Glenn.

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