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More on Blogging from SLA

From Infotoday Newsbreaks:

“Why blog SLA? According to Tina Creguer, director, communications, ProQuest Information and Learning, “The Special Libraries Association conference is an exciting event, with news, gatherings, and an exchange of ideas that help shape the library world. The blog hastens the speed of information sharing, and we’re always enthusiastic about improving access to information”

Blogging is the new communications medium. “We hear so much about how Weblogs have the potential to obfuscate our trade press or usurp our role as reporters,” said Dick Kaser, ITI’s vice president of content. “But actually I think their true potential is a very interesting fast-to-press publishing platform designed to amplify our expertise as industry commentators and professional journalists.”

“But maybe the straightforward, diary-like blog is already a dated concept. I’d like to introduce two new blog concepts: team blogs and event blogs. Team blogs are organized blogs written by a team of people. This is not the equivalent of a blog with trackbacks and comments, but a collegial team all focused roughly on the same topic with a common mission. As an example, the Live from Nashville blog has an editorial team that is focused on providing readers with a sense of the conference and insights into new ideas and new products relevant to special librarians. An event blog is a short-lived blog that exists for the duration of an event. As an example, and I’m sure you saw this coming, the Live from Nashville blog is built around the SLA conference.”

I’m hoping that ALA, PLA and other associations can learn from IT and SLA and have weblogs of their own for their annual/semi-annual conferences. I would, however, mention that RSS for these weblogs are a must. If I want to be continuously updated about the ongoings of a conference (especially if I can’t be there), I want the information to come to me, in my aggregator, rather than have to visit the blog. Also, how about letting some of the attendees post to the blog so that you can get their take on the conference as well. Pick a few prior to the conference, give them guidelines, and give them a place to shine.

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