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Modern gadgets raise work stress

Not library/weblog/RSS related, but I thought that this article was interesting:

“Mobile phones, laptop computers and PDAs are increasing levels of stress in the workplace, according to a study.”

“Professor Michael Warren, of the University of Surrey, said: “We become stressed and impatient when we can’t reach someone, yet we resent distractions and can become angry when our own meetings are interrupted by a mobile phone.”

“I’m afraid the research shows that we all want to have our cake and eat it.”

“Paul Moulds, of Siemens Communications, which commissioned the research, said: “Workplace stress, anger and intrusive distractions are issues that require both management action and improved staff guidelines.”

At work, I use IM, e-mail, and the telephone to communicate with colleagues and co-workers. If my day gets really busy, I put my IM on “away”. If my day really gets busy, I let my incoming calls go to my voice mail (my boss always says, “That’s why god invented voice mail”, and I agree). If my day is “slow”, I turn everything on and even pop open my aggregator. It all depends on the day I’m having. Sure, I have days when I get stressed (like everyone), but minimizing the amount of technology around you can do a lot in reducing this stress.

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