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Owen over at Overdue Ideas is doing some nifty coding with his catalog, serials, and RSS:

“After a bit of a break from doing anything on this, I’ve now got an RSS for individual journal titles up and running. To use it you need to have the ISSN for the journal you are going to track. For example, if you wanted to be updated each time an issue of the ‘The New Scientist’ came in, you would point your reader at

Very cool. The links go to the serial entry on his catalog. Great. Here is a possible next step for Owen: Link the serials to the full-text databases that his library subscribes to, so that his users can read the new articles. I’m sure this can be done because many libraries have their catalogs and fee-based databases hooked up in some way (meaning, you do a search on the catalog for a journal, and the record links you to the serials database). If you only want to keep this internal, have it password protected (library patron has to enter in his/her library card number to gain access). I think OpenURL can also be implemented but that’s as far as my knowledge goes in this area.

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