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Rocket News Steps it up

Gary mentions new features at Rocket News. Even more impressive is that you can get RSS Feeds for any keyword search, a feature that I think is also new. Before, I think (and I could be wrong) users could have only added those customized feeds to the Rocket News aggregator and that aggregator only, which is bad…very un-community-like. The basic function of syndication is community, IMO. Now, you can add those feeds to any newsreader, which is good. Very good. Good going Rocket News. Who needs Google News when you can get customized feeds from Feedster, Yahoo, Rocket News, Moreover, Topix, and may other news resources. What I would still love to see is Yahoo bring in the news database from AllTheWeb (which is the same at Altavista) and incorporate it into its own. Either that, or provide RSS Feeds for those news features within the resources themselves. The ATW/AV news database is incredible, and one that doesn’t get enough play.

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