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Newly Acquired Books at Kenton County Public Library….via RSS!!!!

Just got an e-mail from Jenny, who is on vacation. She cc’d me on a reply to a librarian who was at her session on RSS at CIL and asked that I post this.

Garry at the Kenton County Public Library has written an “SQL/JAVA program combination that queries our online catalog twice a day and creates XML feeds and an HTML page for our newly acquired adult books.”.

I’m sure that Jenny will have more to say when she gets back, but check out the page he put up. Incredible!! So, not only are the pages displayed automatically, but users can grab an RSS Feed as well. Now, only if these feeds can get broken down by author (i.e. if I want to know when the library acquires a new book by Joyce Carol Oates) or subject (i.e. I want to know when the library acquires a new book on depression). One neat thing that Garry can do is display these pages on a weblog (maybe as a sidebar to a main library weblog). I also notice that the feeds are in alphabetical order and wonder if the feeds can be displayed in order by the date received.

Two big thumbs up for Garry who is doing us RSS folk proud.

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