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All Things Aggregated

Most days, if I’m not in the mood to listen to Phish, I usually put on All Things Considered from National Public Radio for my ride home. I get out of work at 6:00PM EST, so I miss at least 2 hours of ATC. I usually forget to check the web site for the contents of the show, because I am so used to retrieving content and not going after content that I read everyday. So, I was a happy boy when I read at Syndic8 that two RSS fans have created a Feed for ATC. Yay!!

Oh, it seems that they have created one for Morning Edition as well. Neat!!

It should be noted that unofficial feeds can come and go at the feeders leisure. The only way to have a feed continuously maintained is if it is done by the source itself. So, while I’m thrilled to get these feeds, I would love for NPR to syndicate them.

Warning – These feeds may time out in many aggregators (they did in Radio), so be careful.

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