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Why Steven will never be a Jenny or Dave

I am the fortunate victim of the name Steven. While that may sound oxymoronic, it isn’t.

I love the name Steven and have always been fond of hearing my name said by others. I like the way it flows off the tongue. However, my first name can be spelled three different ways. There’s the classic ‘Steven’, which I love. There’s the shortened ‘Steve’, which I don’t really like, but have grown to except. Then there’s ‘Stephen’, which I don’t like…at all (I’m not sure why. I have met plenty of nice Stephens over the years). Thus, my name can be spelled many ways and is done so all over the library world (even ALA screwed it up!!). The effect of all of this is my “low” Google ranking for the word ‘Steven’ (I’m on the second page). I think I could easily be on the first page, if link popularity means anything (and I know it does). I think ‘Steve’ and ‘Stephen’ are used just enough to dilute the ranking for my real name.

Jenny is #1 for Jenny (although her title tag in Google is a bit screwy) and Dave is #1 for Dave, because they are heavily linked and no one refers to them as Jennifer and David respectfully. They are a “household name”. So, lets make a pact, you and I. I’ll use your name the way you want it to be cited and you can use ‘Steven” when you you want to cite me.

I have never told anyone (including ALA) to use ‘Steven’ instead of ‘Steve’ or ‘Stephen’, so this is as much my fault as it is yours.

One last note. Since Google is now using using truncation, the ‘Steve’ issue may not be as bad as I make it out to be (as a matter of fact, none of this is!).

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